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The world’s first professional Japanese cosmetic line based on low-molecular ionized hyaluronic acid and ultra-low-molecular ionized platinum.

Methods of production were developed and analytical studies were conducted at the Shimadzu Corporation (Japan) by the scientist Koichi Tanaka, Nobel Prize laureate in 2002 for developing methods of identification and structural analysis of biological macromolecules.

On the basis of these scientific achievements and owing to the patented manufacturing process, the Forlle’d laboratory has successfully created low-molecular hyaluronic acid that is able to penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin and protect its moisture. Penetrating deeper into the basal membrane, low-molecular ionized hyaluronic acid realizes its ability to retain moisture. Thus a double effect of moisturization is achieved – from the inside and the outside.

FORLLE`D NEW GENERATION – complete blocking of aging mechanism

The Japanese company Forlle`d, working exclusively on the basis of Nobel-Prize achievements, presents a new series of preparations.

FORLLE`D NEW GENERATION – Complete Blocking of Aging Mechanisms contains:

  • Preparations for sensitive and couperose skin care
  • Preparations for combined and oily skin care
  • Preparations to care for skin with signs of premature aging
  • Preparations for body skin care
  • Preparations, activating the metabolism and skin respiration

The basis of the series is a new low-molecular complex of basal penetration, which is a compound of innovative components:

Sodium Hyaluronate – ensures the effect of layer-by-layer creation of moisture depots in the skin, provides biostimulant and immunomodulatory effects, improves the efficiency of the components introduced in the formula and it prevents skin damage and premature aging.
EMP eggshell membrane – enhances the functional activity of fibroblasts, stimulates their growth and strengthens the dermal matrix. The bacteriolytic enzymes provide an anti-inflammatory effect.

Pearl Proteins – prevent dry skin and boost the moisture retention effect, normalize the skin’s pH and effectively fight the appearance of wrinkles and changes in skin color, caused by the aging process.

EGF epidermal growth factor (100 ml-13) – ensures powerful skin renewal by stimulating the proliferation (division) of cells and the regeneration processes. This activates the cell metabolism, increases elasticity and the skin’s moisturizing level. Due to the emergence of a large number of young cells that replace the old ones, in which the melanin pigment may deposit, there is a clarification of existing pigment spots and the advent of new ones is prevented. EGF prevents the age thinning of the skin, accelerates the healing process and improves the barrier functions of the skin.

Ceramides-3 – (Sphingolipids) are the main lipid fraction of the keratinized skin layer. By forming a double membrane, which fills the intercellular space of the keratinized layer, Ceramides create a hydrophobic barrier of the skin and reduce moisture loss. Ceramides-3, have the maximum tropos towards Ceramides of the human skin; they contribute to the restoration of membrane structures and increase the conductive properties of the skin.

Hondroitin sulphate – a high-molecular polysaccharide, which belongs to the group of glycosaminoglycans. A feature is the ability to preserve water, which increases the strength of connective tissue. It also inhibits the specific enzymes that destroy connective tissue, including lysosomal enzymes, released by the destruction of cells (elastase, peptidase and cathepsin). It has an anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect. It contributes to the maintenance of vascular wall elasticity, stimulates the regeneration of tissue and promotes the protection and synthesis of collagen. Solves the problem of age-related changes of skin, photodegradation and dehydration.

A powerful quinary complex concept to five, included in each preparation of the new series Forlle`d New Generation –complete blocking of the aging mechanisms, provides a targeted regenerating effect on different cell structures and prevents possible damage, helps to activate the cell's functions and inhibits aging mechanisms. Through the combination of the concept to five complex with individual active components of each of the preparations of this series, their efficiency is greatly increased and the time required to resolve a specific problem is reduced.

A modern vessel strengthening complex is included in the new preparation line; it has a high concentration of vitamins K and E and is based on Kyunin-u, hips and avocado oil.
The new concept of skin care Forlle`d New Generation –complete blocking of the aging mechanisms is an individual solution to the problem, an integrated restoration of the skin and the full protection of the aging factors.
The use of these preparations is recommended from the moment the first signs of skin aging appear!

The skin care ritual in Japan has not only an aesthetic but also a deep philosophical meaning. It is based on the philosophy of the close relationship of all phases of care, sufficient, progressive and complementary effects of active components. That is why the «Japanese Beauty» is unthinkable without a thorough multistage cleaning and preparation of skin.
Forlle'd offers a unique two-stage cleaning system, which includes the use of the P-effect Clearance Cleansing cleaning emulsion and P-effect Re-purerance wash cleaning foam. The consistent and careful disposal of liposoluble and water soluble contamination helps to normalize the skin and increase its susceptibility to the active components, which will be put on next.