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Silkyway  holds the Health Board license No. L01447

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Laser rejuvenation

Laser rejuvenation is the newest contact-free method for correcting the age of skin. With the active agent of the laser beam small and medium size wrinkles flatten and an even youthful skin tone will be restored. The skin will be firm and smooth.

Laser rejuvenation is one of the gentlest and most merciful methods. It will not cause traumas, is pain-free, does not take a lot of time and has no side effects. During the procedure the patient will feel comforting warmth that passes through the whole body. That comforting feeling might remain for a few hours even after the procedure.

Laser rejuvenation is not only cosmetic but also a healing procedure: the bloodstream is improved and its ability to recover and regenerate will improve by 30%. For that reason the specialists recommend to go through the laser rejuvenation before plastic surgery to predispose the healing of scars and keep from scaring. This procedure hinders the skins aging process very effectively.