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Photo or Laser?

Photo or laser?

The people who have decided to get rid of unwanted hair permanently find themselves asking that question increasingly. The photo and laser depilation share their roots but they still differ greatly. There is a story of a pigeon, which decided to build a nest, but when the foundation was ready he realized that his strength was gone and then he came up with an idea to settle with what he had. Almost the same thing happened with photo epilators. They are unfinished laser epilators. However, the main parts are the same:
The equipment unit plus impulse bulbs. But that is where the similarities end. The laser epilator is technologically much more developed. Containing high technologically prepared highly clean mono-crystals, glass fibre optic conveyance components, dynamic cooling system, complicated automatics etc. This was only accomplished by an United States company CANDELA, which has high scientific potential and years long working experience in the cosmetic technologies area. That is how CANDELA created the DCD laser epilator.

Like an unfinished nest, the photo epilators can exist but the imperfection of the depilation procedure is present in them from the beginning. Photo epilators are not registered as a medical device and to work with a photo epilator one does not need a medical licence and therefore they are very popular in middleclass salons. Also the photo epilator is not completely harmless. Since the bulbs lights radiance is very wide therefore a few consequences appear: burns on the pigment, the hair growth simulation etc. The biggest shortcomings of photo depilation are low efficiency and high cost as an outcome. Because the photo epilator is significantly cheaper it has had a wide distribution. Sometimes they are advertised as laser epilators, which confuses the patients.

What is the difference between the photo and laser depilation? Is it the effectiveness? How dangerous is photo depilation?

Over the last 3 years many so-called systems for photo depilation have been developed due to the growing popularity of the laser depilation. Both the photo depilation and the laser depilation are based on the same physics principle- heating the materials by the absorption of light energy.

As known the laser radiances idiomaticalness is that it is monochromatic, which means each type of laser radiates light with strictly fixed wavelength.
Photo depilation systems use, compared to the laser, cheap krypton bulbs, which are by their characteristics similar to the light bulbs used in photo cameras flashes.

The light wave’s spectre that is being radiated is very wide starting from a very dangerous UV-radiation ending with the infrared radiation. From the whole light spectre range, which is radiated we use only a very slim part. The photo depilation system developers must use filters that keep away the UV radiance. To be comparable to the laser in efficiency the developers use extra light filters, which are designed to concentrate the light of the whole bulb in one narrow spectre. These machines are advertised as phenomenal accomplishments in gaining efficiency, but there is no filter to actually make it comparable to the laser. Therefore the impulse through the bulb comes "stretched" in a wide spectre. Some of that energy the hair takes for heating and the other parts are used to heat the skin, which can be dangerous. But with laser depilation all of the energy is used only to heat the hair and the efficiency is maximized.

The risk of skin burn using photo depilation is rather big. Photo depilation is also more painful than laser depilation. There are known cases, where after the photo depilation the dark hair got lighter but kept growing. Which shows that photo depilation destroys the melanin in the hair but will not stop the hair growth. Indirectly this proves photo depilation to have low efficiency.

As known, the uniqueness of the laser radiance is its monochromatic character, which means that each type of laser radiates in a strictly fixed wavelength. If we know the lasers different physics particulars then we can, with a 100% accuracy, tell what the lasers effect on the skin's structure will be. In the depilation process the hair is warmed to the temperature where the follicle is destroyed very fast. But we have also calculated the exact time the heat takes to destroy the follicle without having the temperature forwarded to the skin cells. That is what guarantees the laser depilation to be high in quality and safe.