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We are only using the world leading laser technology by Candela!

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Silkyway  holds the Health Board license No. L01447

Viru väljak 6
Viru keskus, pääse tänavalt, fonolukul valida 106
4. korrus
tel 56 924 100

info at silkyway dot ee

Welcome to Silkyway

The laser aesthetics office SILKYWAY in the centre of town is introducing the technological leader in the world of cosmetic lasers - a United States company CANDELA.

The unique patented invention of CANDELA is a dynamic cooling device (DCD) which is one of a kind. 3 milliseconds before the laser is started it sends a cooling ecologically clean wisp of liquid freon, which keeps the skin from overheating during the laser processing. Therefore no sense of discomfort will be felt on the skin during the procedure and there is no need for anaesthetics. The outcome is the increase in the effectiveness of the process.

GentleLASE Plus is the best machinery in the world market today.
LaserCandela procedures allow you to say goodbye to pigmented lesions, the aging of skin and unwanted hair.
Leaving those problems behind You will not just look different, but also feel satisfied with Your accomplishments.

Our specialists’ high professionalism is at Your service,
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