Laser epilation

LaserepilatsioonLaser depilation can bring forth a great cosmetic effect. The laser depilation can also be used to solve such problems as ingrown hair or irritated and sensitive skin after shaving. No radical hair removal method can compete with the speed, security and reliability of the laser. With the help of the laser not only the hair is removed but also the follicle. And because the follicle will not be able to function hair is not able to grow.

A complex but intelligent machine works on any unwanted hair. This machine is regulated to have its beam swallowed in a melanin pigment, which is found in darker hair. Only the follicle that’s attached to the hair and is in an active process of growing is irrevocably destroyed. However, there is only around 15-20% of such hair at a time. Therefore to have the desired effect approximately 4-8 procedures are needed with the interval of 1 to 2 months each time destroying the new “woken” batch. The laser depilation method is totally safe. Using this method the smoothness of skin is retained and the powerful DCD system forestalls the chance of the slightest burn. Furthermore, this method is entirely contact free, which makes it impossible get infected with anything including yellow jaundice and AIDS.

The main advantages of laser depilation:

  • High efficiency: after the laser depilation sessions only less than 5% of the original hair growth will remain. Such efficiency cannot be achieved by any other depilation method.
  • The duration of the effect: the duration varies on the patient’s age, the area that is being epilated and the hormonal level of the body
  • Removal of ingrown hair
  • Hair removal from any part of the body including sensitive areas
  • Safety: the skin will be untouched and so there is no risk of infections
  • A financially propitious method for hair removal. In the comparison by cosmeticians it appeared that out of all depilation methods the cheapest possibility is laser depilation.

The bikini area of a stylish girl has to be smooth and glamorous, such is the demand by the fashion and by men. If you are a free spirited person then this subject should be especially alive to you. Feel confident and desired.