Why Laser?

In the SILKYWAY room we offer only laser treatment from СANDELA Corporation (USA) – the world technological leader in production of cosmetology lasers, but not supposedly laser treatment by apparatus such as photo-IPL or alike, since there are evident distinctions:

-1 Photo-epilators are not registered as medical devices. Working with them does not require medical license – that is why they are widely spread in beauty and hairdressing saloons of middle level.

Only doctors with special training work with lasers.

-2 Since monochrome energy is used in lasers, (each concrete type of laser irradiates light with strictly fixed wave length), safety and reliability of their result is considerably higher than those of IPL.

-3 Moreover, IPL inevitably subjects patients to influence of a number of waves with unnecessary and/or ineffective length (the energy of impulse of the lamp – flashes turn out to be “extended” along the wide range of wave length). They lack that selectivity of therapeutic action, which is inherent to monochrome laser.

-4 The number of treatments with photo-settings is 2-4 times higher compared to laser therapy.

-5 Painfulness of photo-epilators is higher than that of laser epilators.

-6 Cooling device DCD of the laser CANDELA provides effective defense and comfort and minimal sensations of a patient.

Treat your health, your skin with care!